Maegan Ayn
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synesthetic cubes

Synesthetic Cubes


Documented projection of 'Synesthetic Cubes'


Create a projection piece on a 3-D object


My partner and I, for this project, wanted to experiment with the ability to have visuals that synthetically connected with the audio. Since our projection movements were to be more intricate, we chose a simpler form to build — two cubes. One to represent the bass, one to represent the treble. The final foam core cubes stood around 3.5' - 4' tall. 


Translating the audio into a visual representation looked a little different for me and my partner, but ultimately the piece came together and looked cohesive through a few meetings to discuss what effects, shapes, and progress we were using. The dissolve effect and rounded shapes mimicked the digital static or 'laser-esque sounds. The bottom cube typically involved more bass, shifting with the solid beats and lower tones. The top cube kept up with the more lyrical notes and faster upbeats between the base beats. Ultimately, the piece was a success and was something we could see in multiple places or larger scales at dancing or music events.

After Effects file to be projection mapped on the 3D structure.