Maegan Ayn
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A stop motion piece about the fight between love and fear. Dedicated to Wilson Weaver.


The goal of this project was to create a memorial piece for Wilson Weaver, a dear friend who made a huge impact on me and many others before he passed away.


This piece needed to reflect the openness, love, and humanity Wilson had in life, and for that, I knew stop-motion would be a good choice. Its consistently needs human interaction in order to be created, and I knew by hand-making the pieces, this human element would only be emphasized. 


With scrapbook paper and inkjet printing, I printed everything in reverse to then hand-cut by x-acto knife for a more organic look. Every frame was shot with a Sony A7 with a Profoto B1 light and soft box over a series of five weeks. With the help of a few assistants, troubleshooting and adapting things every step of the way, the final result is a completely hand-crafted piece. Between every frame, every piece on the page was moved to give the letters and objects a lively feeling and keep the pace of the project. Though the message could be heavy, I chose bright colors and a slightly bouncy action to have the final piece remain bright, optimistic, and accessible.