Maegan Ayn
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it's all for you

It's All For You


Documented projection of "It's All For You"


Create a piece fitting within the theme of "The Uncanny"


Originally, in the research I did on the theory of the uncanny brought about the idea of the "Twilight Zone" and the eerie, unsettling feeling that show gave viewers. With it came the more modern version of the "Twilight Zone", "Black Mirror," which I equally adore. However, the timeline for the project coincided with the 2016 U.S. presidential elections. The results of the event left an eerie settling over the reality I thought I'd know, and what the world could become. This disconnect with what was imagined as real and what was truly real, alongside the constant digital information we receive, gave way for the final ideation.


Rather than using a new visual form to explain the emotions of the uncanny existing in front of our faces, I decided type and found imagery was the best solution. This would allow for a quick, easy digestion of information. The setup of three projectors on the building allowed for a lot of different formats, and I chose to have mine go from one screen to three, back to one, back to three, and so on and so forth. The one allowed the text to stand tall and bold against the building, confronting the viewer with the questions and directives. The three, however, gave me the ability to juxtapose common images of commercials, news, war footage, and stock 'happy' footage alongside each other, sometimes creating harmony and other times dissonance.

The final piece shows viewers what we see every day in a different light, and make them think about what we strive for, and whether what that is can actually be achieved, or if we are only falsely aiming to achieve it due to the false reality technology has given us.